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BloggerConf @ The Maker

On Saturday we had an interesting day in Dublin at the #BloggerConf. We just love going to these events as we always get loads of inspiration and ideas for our own business. The Blogger Conference was held in The Marker Hotel in Dublin which is a fabulous part of the city. This location is the social media hub of Ireland with some of our current international trading clients in the locality. It was a great choice for the event organised by the lovely Emma O' Farrell from EOF media in Dublin. There was many influential speakers throughout the day, in which one person stood out to me and reminded me of how we started our business and set out our core values. Oonagh O'Hagan, MD Meaghers Pharmacy spoke about "How Charles Darwin Saved Her Business'. One quote she spoke about was "It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive, but those who can best manage change". Oonagh's business model has really worked to keep her strong in the pharmacy industry and we would just like to say hats of to you! As your fabulous shoes did say, boss lady!

The hilarious James Butler was MC for the day. If you are not already following him on Snapchat add him as the man is actually hilarious. @jamespatrice.

Everyone enjoyed our Glam Selfie Mirror for the day! Huge thanks to all the bloggers, some familiar faces who had fun with our Glam Selfie Mirror, as you can see below there was some competition of who could take the best selfie!

Looking forward next year event

Gary Landers


James Butler

Quick selfie with the wonderful Oonagh O'Hagan from Meaghers Pharmacy.

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